One of the key skills of effective leadership is his/her ability to keep the team motivated.  Many companies fail to succeed in spite of having a good vision and having a talented top management. For the companies to succeed it is essential that the motivation to achieve the vision percolates down to the bottom level. When the entire team is committed and motivated the success becomes that easier.

In any work relation, while the employer is trying to justify and answer “What’s in it for me?” even the employee is looking for answer to the same question. Unless there are satisfying answers to this, the employee looks for a way out of this.

What happens if the employees are not motivated? Their productivity comes down, deadlines are missed and employees don’t own the responsibility, work quality becomes poor and staff turnover increases.  These spiral up into other negative effects on the organization like increase in the recruitment expenditure and loss of business.

Companies are increasingly realizing that employee retention and engagement is very crucial. It’s vital for today’s leaders to have the skillfulness to keep their team together and motivated at all times. Hence leaders are increasingly looking to augment their skills in this. The factors that motivate the employees vary according to the various personalities. It becomes essential for the leaders to have this understanding and change their strategies accordingly.